About Fencing

        FENCING IS


Fencing is a sport for all ages — children, teenagers, and adults! Kids can start fencing as early as age five and continue through adulthood. The sport of fencing captures the imagination and encourages creativity. Fencing also builds confidence in physical and mental skills. Modern fencing requires courage, stamina, speed, and the agility of a fighter, combined with the brains to out-think an opponent. There is nothing like the exhilaration of battle, the pleasure of movement, and the mental challenge that you receive from fencing. The modern sport of fencing only remotely resembles the old dueling styles of past centuries. Today's Olympic Fencers Club students can learn all three competitive weapons: epee, foil, and saber. However, our primary focus is epee and foil.



Increases health, wellness, and fitness by keeping kids physically active. Trains them to have balance, coordination, agility, and quicker reflexes. Promotes discipline and good sportsmanship. Develops mental skills. In fencing, kids have to solve problems presented by their opponents to score points. They learn action/reaction and basic strategy, and they acquire the ability to make lightning-fast analysis of tactical situations. Provides fun and safe place for kids during after-school hours. Engages youth in a potential life-long recreational pursuit.